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The Pontiac Collective Impact Partnership is a coordinating body that brings partners together to ensure community members have the access, opportunities, and resources needed to thrive.

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Pontiac Counts! Cradle to Career Readiness

These Key Metrics Can Help Shape Community Program and Initiative Development

As we recently wrote, one of our organization’s pillars is Evidence-Based Decision Making. In a city such as Pontiac, which is blessed with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to folks who want to help revitalize our community, we often see programs and initiatives that are developed from an anecdotal or experiential perspective.

While there is certainly value in this and we know that the lived experiences of our residents must be central in everything we do, we also know that measuring key metrics, and how the work we do in the community impacts those metrics, can have life changing results.

This is particularly true when we look at the education and professional environment that we create for our children. How do we ensure that they’re prepared to compete in the 21st century economy? What options, tools, resources, and support can we provide to them so that they have the opportunity to create the kind of life they dream of living?

Cal Talley joined the team a few months ago and has been tasked with shaping out data hub, Pontiac Counts!, specifically as a tool for everyone in the community to use as we work toward enhancing Pontiac’s quality of life. His first focus has been to collect data on key metrics that show us where we’re at, as a community, when it comes to Cradle to Career Readiness.

Here’s an overview of the metrics that we’re tracking, and you can head on over to Pontiac Counts! to see how our community is representing today.

Kindergarten Readiness

Early Childhood Education will prepare children 0-5yrs to enter school ready to succeed, as measured by kindergarten cohorts achieving “Ready To Go” on the Kindergarten Student Entrance Profile.

We’re currently working with community educators to determine the best way to track this metric.

Early Grade Reading

Early Grade Education will enable K-3 students to master the critical literacy skills necessary for continued academic success.

Source: M-STEP results shared by MI School Data.

Middle School Math

Elementary Education will enable students to master the critical math concepts necessary for college and career readiness.

Source: M-STEP results shared by MI School Data.

High School Graduation

High School Education will prepare students to enter and succeed in college and career programs.

Source: School performance data shared by MI School Data.

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Post-Secondary Enrollment

High School Education will ensure that students can continue their learning journey after they graduate.

Source: College or career program enrollment rates shared by MI School Data.

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Post-Secondary Completion

Postsecondary Education will support students to complete their course of study and be ready for a bright and successful future.

Source: 6-year completion rates shared by National Student Clearinghouse.

It’s important to remember that the data we’re sharing in on Pontiac Counts! are not a report card nor an assessment of any particular program or organization. Instead, they give us a holistic view of how we’re doing as a community, and how we can leverage our work to create a meaningful impact.

What we’re sharing today is the baseline — where can we go from here? We hope that these key metrics will help guide the way.